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Man-Made Gemstones, Competing with Mother Nature for Beauty

As gem mines all over the world start to be depleted of their natural rough material, mine owners are constantly trying to find new sources for extraction. However, the earth produced only so much, and supplies are dwindling. As a result, the price for these rough stones is steadily increasing, and it directly affects the cost of finished jewelry containing gemstones.

It is not surprising, then, that there is increasing interest in man-made and synthetic gemstones. The first man-made ruby was created in the late 1800s using the flame infusion method. More recent technological advances, however, have led to new types of synthetic and simulated gemstones over the past couple decades.

The Advantages of Man-Made or Synthetic Gemstones

Just because man-made gemstones are not "real" gems doesn't mean they aren't beautiful. On the contrary, man-made gems have the same brilliance as natural gems, and the simulations are almost perfect when compared to their natural counterparts.

The quality is so high that it takes special equipment to determine if the stone is real or man-made. They appear flawless to the naked eye, and most experts can't tell the difference without special equipment!

What makes man-made gems so appealing is that they are durable, available in dozens of unique colors-each with incredible sparkle and shine-and the cost is only pennies per carat. The lower price is because production cost is far lower compared to the cost of mining, and quality can be tightly controlled.

There are several processes used to create synthetic gems: melt growth, solution growth or high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) growth. Commonly used synthetic gemstone materials today include Y.A.G (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet), C.Z. (Cubic Zirconia) Cristinite and Corundum.

Of all the gemstones in the world today, approximately 75 to 80% are man-made or synthetic.

At Ashton Gems, we enjoy cutting man-made stones, but our main business is cutting natural gems. If you prefer a man-made stone because of color, size or cost savings, we will do our best to find it and cut it to your liking.

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Green Peridot CZ - Widow Spidey Cut

Man-Made/Synthetic Gemstones
*click images to enlarge
Color Change Cristinite
4th of July Cut  
Design by Paul Rivard
13 mm
Medium Pink Cubic Zirconia
Glass Triangle Cut
Design by Jeff Graham
14.5 mm per side
Green Peridot Cubic Zirconia
Widow Spidey Cut
Design by Sammy Fangrath
13.2 mm

There is a spider faceted into the stone

Green/Honey Color Change Cristinite
"B" Still My Heart Cut
Design by Jeff Graham
14 mm x 13.8 mm

Here are three photos of the same stone. It appears Green,  Honey Champagne, or a combination of both depending on the lighting.
Peach Cristinite
Rose Cut
Design by Jeff Graham
12.7 mm

Clear Corundum
Mount Ida Heart Cut
Design by Bob Keller
7.65 mm
Blue/Purple Color Change Alexandrite
Radiating Hexagon Cut (modified)
Design by Charles Johnston
10 mm each
$200.00 for the pair

Not sold separately.
Dark Fire Orange Cubic Zirconia
Checkmate-Reflector Cut
Design by Jeff Graham
15.60 mm
Medium Green Cubic Zirconia
Emerald Cut
Design by Unknown
8.37 mm x 5.25 mm
Red Orange Cubic Zirconia
Step Octagon with Simple Star Cut
Design by Ernst Wallert
7.85 mm
Ruby Pink Cubic Zirconia
Northern Star Cut
Design by Tony Marshall
7 mm per side each
$100.00 for the pair

Not sold separately.
Yellow Corundum
Wink Cut
Design by Jeff Graham
8.80 mm x 11.85 mm

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