• All Time Is Billed for creating samples, revisions and for the final project even if you quit the project early. My professional time, conceptualizations, consultation and artwork are valuable. Billing includes all technical support time setting up domains and hosting.
  • Initial Consultation Is FREE – I don’t start billing time at the beginning with questions and answers. Billing time begins when you commit and we move into the details and planning of your project.

  • I bill for communications by phone, email, snail mail and for in person consultations. I bill for travel time to your meeting place.

  • I expect to receive payment upon receipt of invoice unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Your website assets may by stored remotely on my server and will be released to your server with the following conditions:

    • Your website or changes are yours when funds have been cleared. I will supply all artwork and source files to you if you want them.

    • I reserve the right to roll back changes, or disengage links to my server, if full payment is not received in a timely manner or if a check bounces.

    • If your check bounces, all bank charges must be reimbursed. Only a cashiers check, money order or cash will then be accepted. All website assets will be transferred upon full payment.

    • If you walk away from the project without making payment in full, all site assets and changes are forfeited, deleted, rolled back, links to my server severed and any payments will not refunded.

  • If you approve it I bill for learning time including: new software, new online systems, templates, new coding techniques, use of special equipment or for learning anything outside of my expertise to apply to your projects. If I am not meeting your expectations all my time devoted to your project is billable.
  • All estimates are considered general estimates and not fixed quotes or guaranteed prices. All estimates will reflect a general range. The project may be re-estimated if it’s determined that the project has changed dramatically from the initial concept or if unforeseen complexities arise or if upon deeper examination the project is larger than at first glance. We will discuss along the way alterations to the estimate. I will endeavor to keep you within your budget.
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit requested for most jobs. Deposits are credited to the initial or final invoice.

  • Payment processing fee using Credit Cards or paying through PayPal is 3%. This will be added to the total. No fee if paying with check or cash.

  • Billing Periods – I bill at 10 hour increments or any hours accumulated on an open project every 30 days. Projects put on hold will be immediately invoiced for all outstanding time.

  • I will report my hours from time to time to let you know where we stand. Please feel free to ask for an update any time.

  • All time is a prorated hourly minimum 15 minute increments.

  • It is your responsibility to PROOFREAD all work especially print jobs. I cut and paste your text about 95% of the time.

  • Third party billing – any payments I make to third parties for your project are due immediately. **These payments are non-refundable as I do not guarantee third party services performance and I cannot absorb the loss. You may also pay directly to these services to guarantee recourse for any loss. **See next for more information on warranty.
  • ** I do not offer a warranty for functionality or quality of any third party services such as domain name registrars, hosting companies, shopping cart companies, form processing services, delivery services, printing services, online software and any and all online services engaged by your project through you or myself. Exercise due diligence and research any suggested services before you give me approval to engage them on your behalf.

  • Referrals to third party services are only suggestions and you may prefer your own third party services for me to engage on your behalf. Exercise due diligence

  • Emergency Rush hours invoicing – 100% payment is due on the spot at the time the project is finished unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Charged at half hour minimum.

  • All time is tracked and calculated with software for accuracy.


All jobs invoiced at $46 per hour unless it’s a Rush Job. Honest hours recorded by time tracking software. Prorated hour for maintenance billed at 15 minute minimum increments. Fixed rates are not applicable.

at $46 per hour. Your place or mine. Day or evening hours including Saturdays. Travel time fee applies. Based in Marin, I service the Bay Area and beyond if it’s not too beyond, but who knows?


I will do exclusive, premium hours dedicating all my work time to your project at $65 per hour billed at minimum 30 minute increments. This includes holidays, Sundays, after hours as long as I am available. Travel time applies. Upon project completion, payment is required immediately unless other arrangements are agreed upon. $150 non-refundable deposit required upfront. Jobs are billed every 10 hours and require immediate payment. No work begins until you agree to the TOS and submit the deposit.