TOOLS for prepping your projects

Color SWATCHES 1 →  HEREsend the Name of the color swatch (ex Berry Hues) Free Fonts – test before you select →  HERE
– send the value# ( Ex #123ABC)
Buy photos at 123RF →  HERE

Clear Your Cache →  HERE



  • Be decisive and clear about what you need. All communication is billable time. Organize how you want
    your material to be layed out. Deliver all your materials as soon and as complete as possible.
  • Have your artwork prepared and in good condition otherwise it could take considerable time to repair or edit artwork. Supply high resolution artwork. 300dpi is best. Files ending in JPG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, EPS, SVG are acceptable.
  • Use a good photographer. A professional photo makes for a professional looking website. An amateur snapshot can be underwhelming and noticeable in a negative way.
  • A final draft of text or edits composed by you works best. Files ending in DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, PDF are acceptable. It’s best not to compose your changes in an email because then I will have to convert it into usuable form. Send text in attachments.
  • Answer all questions I ask in a timely manner. I will halt a project until I get answers.
  • Make phone calls to your hosting company to get passwords and server access configurations. I bill for all time to acquire your settings.
  • TEST YOUR LOGINS FIRST. I often receive logins that do not work and that is billable time to go back and forth with you until something works.
  • Too many opinions about changes from all your friends will add lots of time to the project. Billable time could multiply quickly by double or triple because then we are designing for each member. Have the smallest committee decide with you.


  • Show me examples. Draw on paper how you want elements to be organized. Make your decisions on paper first.
  • Find images you like. Beauty is in the eye of you the client. Looking for the right photo can take a half hour or more of billable time.
  • Creativity expectations. If you tell me to go for it and be creative and tell me later that what I produced was not the creativity you expected, this can be frustrating for both of us. I can’t divine your soul to produce what resonates with your cosmic inner being. Better to show me online examples and then I can customize and modify the look you liked. Do you really want me to go for it? If so – great! It will look beautiful.
  • It is your responsibility to PROOFREAD all work especially print jobs. I cut and paste your text about 95% of the time. I am not a content editor. Have a professional copy editor look over your text before submitting it.
  • Your browser and display settings can affect how you view your pages. Test on various devices and updated browsers first.
  • Flash is not supported on Apple mobile devices.
  • Your display settings can dramatically affect the colors you want to see. Low end, old displays generally have low quality output.
  • I highly recommend viewing your site on different size monitors, laptops and mobile devices. Try to hit the middle. Don’t assume your clients have the latest gadgets.