Tutoring at your place, my place or public location. Serving the greater Bay Area – South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County, North Bay. I’m Located in San Rafael.

Day or evening hours including Weekends and Holidays depending on my schedule.

WORDPRESS – Learn how to use the Dashboard. Update pages, posts. Learn to edit your content yourself. More often than not tutoring can take place over the phone quite successfully.

Learn PHOTOSHOP or PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS for editing your images for personal and professional use. Photoshop Elements is a cheaper version (under $100) of Photoshop with most of the functionality of Photoshop. We’ll cover layers, photo editing, text, sizing, masking, retouching, optimizing for the web and just about anything you might need to do with an image. Stand alone software not dependent on the cloud can be purchased online.

Learn DREAMWEAVER to develop your site or to edit it. We can even work side by side to do live edits and changes. We’ll cover HTML, CSS, page layout, fonts, images, forms, file management, ftp, etc.. Stand alone software not dependent on the cloud can be purchased online.

Fees are $46 per hour

Travel time applies at hourly rate round trip from San Rafael. Free travel within 4 mile radius of San Rafael.

You don’t have to be a genius. Just practice the routines you are taught. Practice makes perfect!